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Acupuncture Penticton - Acupuncture is one measure of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been used in China for thousands of years. The process of acupuncture involves positioning solid but fine needles into specific points in the body. Acupuncture is designed to deal with imbalances inside the body and release blocked energy. These imbalances can result in ill health and result in poor well-being. The popularity of acupuncture has grown greatly in the West, even though it is considered a relatively new introduction to our medical library.

Acupuncture is based upon the theory that everyone is filled with a life force called qi or chi. The qi is considered to be in balance when the feminine and masculine aspects of the body, known as yin and yang are in balance. When in proper balance, the qi would flow smoothly throughout the body along meridians of power. When somebody is unhealthy, this suggests that there is an imbalance or obstruction that has to be corrected. A TCM practitioner talks to the patient concerning the situation and can opt to utilize acupuncture, among various modalities, to cure it.

In an acupuncture session, the patient lies flat upon a table that is adjusted to the height of the practitioner. The person may be asked to remove his or her clothes and be draped with blankets for modesty or the patient can remain fully dressed based upon where the needles are inserted. Acupuncture needles are placed into different points of the body. The needles enter at angles ranging from 15 degrees relative to the skin to ninety degrees, that depends on the practitioner's judgment. After the needles have been inserted, they could be manipulated by hand in twisting motions, heated, cooled, gently vibrated or electrified with a gentle current in order to stimulate the meridian.

When the session is finish, the patient may feel relaxed or invigorated. Based on the session and on the patient, the results would differ widely. The initial cause of the problem can take quite a few acupuncture sessions so as to eradicate it altogether or it could have resolved itself. The session should not be painful. When placed properly, the needles do not result in bleeding or bruising. To be able to receive a productive acupuncture session, it is vital that you look for a certified acupuncturist who has attended a Conventional Chinese Medicine school.

Generally, in the West, acupuncture is utilized as a complementary type of medicine. It is often combined together with different treatments for maximum efficiency. Research performed on acupuncture in the West suggest that it could help to be able to cure nerve conditions, headaches, relieve pain, asthma, deal with vomiting and nausea. It has proven effective for problems like back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and fibromyalgia amongst others. The World Health Organization recommends acupuncture to help with allergies, stress and substance abuse.

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The gorgeous city of Penticton is found within the Southern Interior of British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley. Penticton sits right between scenic lakes, Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake, making it an ideal location for water sports, boating and fishing. Both lakes have beautiful beaches and thus the city has become an exciting tourist location. The population in 2010 was 37,721.

There are several recreational opportunities to be had all year round in Penticton. In the winter, Apex Mountain Resort provides challenging runs for the lots of skiers and snowboarders in the area. There is the Kettle Valley Railway Trail that provides a terrific opportunity for biking and hiking. The Skaha Bluffs are known for rock climbing...